UN LESA Fiji  is a group of spouses of UN International staff members formed under the Global Expatriate Spouse Association in line with the UNDG Joint Guidance Note on the Employment of Expatriate Spouses.


UN LESA Fiji is dedicated to assisting UN international staff and their family settle in Fiji,  connect them to the Suva community and share employment opportunities. 


On occasion we have evening social events or coffee mornings to meet new UN family members, share information and connect our members.


The United Nations Global Mobility Programme supports the mobility of staff members and spouses through information and access to networks.


Find here a list of other UN LESA's.

The information in this document is intended for use by UN international staff and their families.

The contents of this document are based on opinions and the personal experience of LESA members living in Fiji

and do not reflect official UN policy, recommendations or guidelines.

It is intended that the information contained in this document is as accurate, reliable and complete as possible.




Special thanks to Paul Collins and Louise Wild for updating and maintaining the UNLESA website in 2016/17. Claudia Millucci, Diana Summerlin, Mary-Ann Schreiner, Thailambal Ramachandran and Yulia Tsepeleva for updating the 2014 version;  Larissa Leben and Mary-Ann Schreiner for developing, updating and maintaining in 2014/15; Tara Mar and Edie Purdie for updating the 2011 version; Naoki Takyo, Mary-Ann Schreiner and Larissa Leben for providing photos; Prue Harman, Aneley Strobel and Jacqui Parks for rewriting the 2008; Scott Flore and Naoki Takyo for the formatting; Maria Bautista for initiating

the development of the Settling in Fiji document, and all Fiji LESA members that have contributed over the years.

For additions, omissions, or corrections, please contact the chair of UN Fiji LESA here.

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